Band Gear

The Substance has professional sound and lighting systems that adapt to venues of any size. Getting the right sound and atmosphere involves having the right gear and using it wisely. Once you've heard, and seen, The Substance in action you'll know they have it right.

Unlike many other bands, The Substance looks and sounds good in small clubs, large clubs, and even outdoor venues (an especially difficult environment). We frequently get comments about how good the band sounds, without blowing the windows out of the building. That takes the right stuff.

The band tests the equipment frequently and has backups ready to make sure they always start on time and deliver the high-quality sound their fans and venue managers have learned to expect.

Sound System

  • Top of the line Sennheiser E935 and Shure SM57 vocal microphones
  • An assortment of microphones for the guitar amps and drums, depending on the venue
  • Mackie cfx16 mixer with effects
  • QSC K-series main speakers, with up to 1000 watts of power each
  • QSC KW-series monitor speakers, with up to 1000 watts of power each
  • Guitar amps by Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, Peavey, Line 6, and Ampeg

speakers       mixer

Lighting System

The Substance has a wide variety of lighting equipment that they mix and match to get the right effect for the venue. Whether playing a small club or outdoor show, the lighting makes the band look (almost) as good as they sound.